Welcome to the Mandriva Community

Mandriva users from all over the world gather into community spaces to share their interest in new Linux technologies. They help new users get comfortable with Linux basics, providing hints and tips, or telling the tales of ancient Unix commands. This gathering of various different people in a community of passion is what makes Linux and the Mandriva community so unique since the inception of our distribution in 1998.

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Access to the Mandriva forums is free and open to all. Posting is limited to humans signed-in with a free Mandriva account: no spam or robots allowed here.

Mandriva Wiki

The Wiki contains much useful information about Mandriva and Mandriva Linux, including all the 2008 Release Notes, Errata notes, and new features for each Mandriva Linux release. There is a lot of helpful documentation for new and experienced users on various features of Mandriva, and also information and policies useful to Mandriva contributors and translators.

Contributing to the Mandriva Wiki is open to all, just use your free Mandriva account to identify.

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IRC channels

Several IRC channels dedicated to Mandriva Linux distribution are available on the Freenode network. For information on using IRC and connecting to the Freenode network, see this page. #mandriva is the main channel, where Mandriva staff and community volunteers provide help and advice to other Mandriva users. If your questions would be better handled in a different channel, the users in #mandriva will guide you.

Mailing lists

There are several official Mandriva mailing lists. The main ones are these:

  • Beginner support (newbie@mandrivalinux.org)
  • Expert support (expert@mandrivalinux.org)
  • Security announcements (security-announce@mandrivalinux.org)
  • Security discussions (security-discuss@mandrivalinux.org)
  • Development (cooker@mandrivalinux.org)
  • Translation (cooker-i18n@mandrivalinux.org)

You can subscribe to any discussion list by sending an email to sympa@mandrivalinux.org with "subscribe listName" in the body of the message. Archives of the lists from the year 2002 onwards are here. For information on several other mailing lists, and how to unsubscribe and manage your list memberships, go here.