Mandriva develops a range of integrated products and services for private and public-sector companies. This comprehensive offer is made to help companies moving to Linux and open source software while generating significant savings and improving IT infrastructure.

Pulse 2.0 administers all kinds of workstations and takes full advantage of tools making changes of all kind genuinely easier!

The Mandriva Directory Server (MDS) replaces Window domain controllers. MDS provides administration for users and their rights, offers standard network services and is the reference base for users' profile. MDS easily administers email or proxy services, and manages workstations running Windows and Linux operating systems. Finally, MDS observes the industry standards and can therefore be included in any kind of information system.

The Mandriva Corporate Desktop 4 (CD4) is the latest version of the Mandriva Linux workstation for professionals. Thanks to a reinforced security system and unequaled ergonomics, it can be used in more demanding situations while reducing the training needs. Through its effective interoperability with the various systems currently used in companies, the CD4 is easily integrated in any IT infrastructure.