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Mandriva Directory Server

Mandriva Directory Server (MDS) is an easy-to-use LDAP directory management tool enabling companies to administer their employees', clients' and partners' accesses.
Mandriva Directory Server is the substructure of the identity management system, the directory service administration and the network services management.

An Open System
MDS replaces Microsoft Windows NT4.
MDS is interoperable with Windows, Linux and Mac desktop workstations.
MDS Is easily implemented inside your existing infrastructure.

Security and systematization
Supports open standards.
Dynamically strengthens security.
Immediately and simultaneously applies the passwords changes on several servers at the same time.
Flexibility, Administration Delegation and Security Granularity.
Integrates of Kerberos, strong authentication.

MDS can be used to administer rights, identities, networks resources as well as your IT infrastructure.
Comprehensive Web Management Interface
Administer your computer system easily to reduce your costs.
Perform network management tasks from wherever you are.

Easy implementation
A consistent and well-documented API.

Mandriva Directory Server FAQ

I administer computers running various operating systems (Windows, Linux, Unix). How can Mandriva Directory Server help me?
Mandriva Directory Server behaves like a Primary Domain Controller (PDC) and it can replace Active Directory or Windows NT4 to perform their tasks.
It also maintains DNS and DHCP network services.
Moreover, if you already have Squid proxy services, an electronic messaging system using Postfix or a Samba server, you can benefit from the ease-of-use of Mandriva Directory Server.
Finally, the implementation of the industry standards turns Mandriva Directory Server into a particularly compelling authentication platform for the infrastructure services that can rely on a LDAP directory. It includes Kerberos and can be used as a basis for a single sign-on system.

Can Mandriva Directory Server help me when deploying workstations?
Once workstations have been deployed using Mandriva Pulse 2.0, the user work environments can be created from the data saved in Mandriva Directory Server.
You will even notice that the user profile creation is automated. This process improves the environment stability and security and frees the technical support teams from tedious tasks.

How many entries are possible with Mandriva Directory Server?
Mandriva Directory Server was designed to support tens of thousands of entries.

How can I test Mandriva Directory Server?
The easiest way to test Mandriva Directory Server is to download the test version which is available in the form of a ready-to-use VMware image. To access the download area, please fill out this form.

Where can I get more information?
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