Mandriva presents its latest distribution: Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring

Wed, 04/09/2008 - 10:08

Mandriva, the leading European Linux distributor, today announces the launch of Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring, the major new release of Mandriva Linux, featuring hundreds of improvements which make for a quicker and more powerful distribution that is easier to use than ever.

Endowed with a new, simplified user interface designed to be more intuitive and accessible, Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring introduces new and updated applications, including a major new release, and many improvements to the Mandriva configuration utilities.

Changes to Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring include:

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Mandriva and Novatice Technologies present Edutice, The ready to use solution dedicated to educationand multimedia spaces

Mon, 03/31/2008 - 10:24

Edutice enables work spaces to be automatically deployed on schoolroom, archive centre or library computers.

Mandriva, the leading European Linux publisher, and Novatice Technologies, are developing in partnership information technology solutions to permit the management and dynamic creation of work environments.

The Edutice solution has been put together to adress the specific demand of schools and universities: to facilitate the management of their IT services and their digital welcome structures.

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Mandriva, its Polish partner and Wilk Elektronik team up to offer an OEM solution combining a GOODRAM module packaged

Thu, 03/13/2008 - 14:23

Mandriva S.A, is delighted to announce it can now offer its local distribution a personalized Mandriva packaged with GOODRAM modules. Wilk Elektronik SA, the manufacturer of GOODRAM modules, and Mandriva have partnered together to produce a new solution for Poland and for other European customers.

This OEM solution comprises of memory module, Mandriva latest version and a bonus pack Xtreme2. This solution was created for users who either want to assemble their new PC or make an upgrade from propriety OS to a personalized open source OS based on Mandriva Linux.

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Mandriva relaunches its OS Refugees operation targetting linked sales

Mon, 03/03/2008 - 16:02

Following the success of previous years, Mandriva, Europe's leading editor of Linux, has relaunched its programme fighting linked sales: OS Refugees.

The recent European anti-trust ruling confirming the European Commission's condemnation of Microsoft for abusing its position has been strengthened by the European free market think-tank Globalisation Institute's report "Unbundling Microsoft Windows".

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Mandriva Linux at the heart of the new infrastructure of the French Regional Natural Park of the Vexin

Tue, 02/26/2008 - 15:05

The French Regional Natural Park of the Vexin (PNRVF) has opted to simplify the management of its IT set-up and reduce its maintenance costs. The PNRVF found itself confronted by two major problems: the overhaul of its IT set-up and the choice of a specialised company for its operational maintenance. In just one month, Tranquil IT Systems, specialised in Linux networks, deployed the Mandriva Linux solution, a free GNU/Linux operating system published by Mandriva, a leading French publisher of Linux solutions.

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Mandriva announces today the launch of Mandriva Israel

Fri, 02/22/2008 - 14:58

Mandriva Israel will be the sole partner for Mandriva SA in Israel.

The associated entity, Merkado Linux Ltd., has been operating in Israel for over 20 years. Services include R&D in Software applications, Linux consulting and telephony and VoIP. As Mandriva Israel, Merkado Linux serves the corporate, consumer, and educational markets.

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Mandriva Linux arrives in Lithuania

Thu, 02/14/2008 - 13:06

Pursuing its strategy of developing a large international network of local partners, Mandriva today announces the launch of Mandriva Lithuania as the sole Lithuanian partner for Mandriva SA, distributing and supporting Mandriva Linux operating systems.

This launch is an important step to promote open source systems and to introduce their benefits to the society and business in Lithuania.

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Mandriva today announces the launch of Mandriva Middle East (ME)

Fri, 02/08/2008 - 11:06

Mandriva Middle East (ME) will be the sole partner for Mandriva SA in the following countries: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen, Iran, Jordan, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq and Egypt.

The associated entity, Sahlan Telecommunication, has been operating in the Middle East for over 15 years. Services include Network Design & Implementation, Linux consulting, Technical Training & Certification, VOIP, VSAT operation, Call-Center & On-Site Support and Help Desk. As Mandriva-ME, Sahlan serves the corporate, consumer, and educational markets.

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Mandriva presents its Mandriva Directory Server

Thu, 02/07/2008 - 17:11

Mandriva, the leading European Linux publisher, has designed and developed an easy-to-use LDAP directory management tool: Mandriva Directory Server (MDS). This server allows companies to administer their users and their access.

Mandriva has installed the Mandriva Directory Server on the Maizières-les-Metz site of the Arcelor Research division of ArcelorMittal. The steel group wanted to improve the operation of its IT system and strengthen its security.

A few words about ArcelorMittal

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Mandriva last quarter 2007 revenue numbers to show major

Mon, 01/28/2008 - 15:05

Paris, 29th of January 2008- Mandriva has changed its fiscal year dates to
switch to a January-December year, in order to make the consolidation of
financial data easier for the group. The numbers for our 15 month financial
period from October 2006 to December 2007 are now being audited, a process
which will take the usual amount of time. This complete set of numbers will
reflect the cost of the important restructuring which took place in 2007.

We would like to provide some quick indication of the effect of the

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MANDRIVA will be present at the Linux 2008 Solutions Exhibition

Tue, 01/22/2008 - 14:28

The leading European publisher of Linux distributions will unveil its latest products at the Linux Solutions Exhibition
from 29 to 31 January at Paris La Defense CNIT Hall Marie Curie Booth D32 – E33

Mandriva, the leading European publisher of Linux distributions, will be celebrating its 10th year of success at the 2008 Linux Solutions Exhibition.

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Mandriva and Turbolinux announce a partnership and create a joint development lab called Manbo-Labs

Wed, 01/16/2008 - 16:14

Mandriva and Turbolinux announce a partnership and create a joint development lab called Manbo-Labs

Mandriva's developers teamed up with Turbolinux's developers to work together to optimize
Linux distributions

Paris, Tokyo, 16th January 2008- Mandriva and Turbolinux announce a partnership by creating a lab named: Manbo-Labs. This Lab is the result of an agreement between Mandriva and Turbolinux to share resources and technology to release a common base system on each of Linux distributions.

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Mandriva participates at the QualiPSo consortium in Rome on 16 January and the Aristotle Association seminary in Paris

Wed, 01/16/2008 - 15:59

Mandriva participates at the QualiPSo consortium in Rome on 16 January and the Aristotle Association seminary in Paris on 17 January

Paris, 15 January 2008 – The QualiPSo consortium, pursuing its aim of helping companies and administrations reinforce their competiveness by opening up access to reliable and cost-effective free software, is organizing its first international conference on 16-17 January on the theme“Building confidence in Free Software.”

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Denmark joins Mandriva's ecosystem

Wed, 01/16/2008 - 15:43

Denmark joins Mandriva's ecosystem

Paris, January 11th 2008 - Mandriva Denmark was launched in December 2007 as the exclusive Danish partner for Mandriva S.A, offering the Mandriva Linux operating system. The goal of Mandriva Denmark is to provide local distribution of Mandriva Linux and other integrated open source applications in the local language throughout Denmark, the Faeroe Islands and Greenland.

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