Mandriva provides timely security advisories to users of Mandriva Linux and related products to ensure users a safe computing experience, regardless of whether the chosen product is used as a desktop system or server.

Security Advisories

Mandriva makes available all of the Security advisories for Mandriva Linux and related products.

End of Life Product Support

Mandriva provides a definitive Product lifetime map so users know exactly when support for any given Mandriva Linux product will cease, allowing them to plan their upgrade to a more recent version to ensure that you will never be without timely security updates.

CVE Compatibility

Mandriva makes every attempt to apply a CVE name to every security advisory that is issued so that users can easily track security issues. The CVE page provides users with compatibility information. You can also search the advisory database by CVE name.

Advisory RSS Feed

An RSS feed is available for those who wish to keep up to date on security advisories via an RSS viewer. The RSS feed URL is

Mailing Lists

Three mailing lists are available for Mandriva Linux users concerning security. The first, security-announce is a read-only list that receives security and bugfix advisories. The second, security-discuss is a mailing list for the discussion of security issues. The last, security-firewall is for discussion of the MNF product line. Be sure to subscribe to the mailing list you are interested in. To keep your system up to date with the latest security advisories, you should subscribe at least to the security-announce mailing list.

Kernel Update Procedures

Some users have difficulty upgrading the Linux kernel when new kernels are available via Mandriva Update. The Kernel update page describes how to upgrade your kernel if you are having difficulty doing so.