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Mandriva Advisories

Updates for both security and non-functional packages, are essential for a smooth-running system. Mandriva recommends that all users upgrade to the packages issued by any advisory to prevent problems with your system and unauthorized intrusion or denial of service attacks.

Please note: While Mandriva supports a large number of Mandriva Linux distributions, not all are supported. If you are currently using an unsupported distribution, please upgrade to a morerecent version to ensure you continue to obtain timely updates.

Security update advisories are sent to the security announce mailing lists.

Please review the Product Lifetime Policy so you are aware of when updates support for your particular distribution will cease.

Currently Supported Products

Mandrivalinux 2006

Multi Network Firewall 2.0

Mandrivalinux LE2005

Corporate Server 3.0

Mandrakelinux 10.1

Corporate Server 2.1

Unsupported (Legacy) Products

Mandrakelinux 10.0

Mandrakelinux 9.2

Multi Network Firewall 8.2

Mandrakelinux 9.1

Mandrakelinux 9.0

Mandrakelinux 8.2

Single Network Firewall 7.2

Mandrakelinux 8.1

Mandrakelinux 8.0

Corporate Server 1.0.1

Mandrakelinux 7.2

Mandrakelinux 7.1

Mandrakelinux 7.0

Mandrakelinux 6.1

Mandrakelinux 6.0

Please report any bugs you find to our Bugzilla database. If you find any serious security flaws in packages we ship, please send an email to security_(at)_mandriva.com instead and it encrypt it with the security team's public key.

All security announcements and updated RPMs are signed with the GPG key of the Mandriva Security Team which is available for download. The details of the key are :

        pub  1024D/22458A98 2000-07-10 Linux Mandrake Security Team 
                Key fingerprint = BB73 7822 CB91 B327 2191  68CC 9AA8 D0D0 2245 8A98
        sub  1024g/6F3F9BC6 2000-07-10