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Mandriva Linux desktop sends NASA to Mars!

Thursday January 12 2006

Did you know that Mandriva Linux was used at NASA? Of course, the NASA has been using a lot of powerful computers for a long time, with many different operating systems. And at the JPL (Jet Propulsion Lab, California Institute of Technology), which specializes in space exploration and missions to planets (such as the ones to Mars), it's common to see people running Linux on their desktop workstation, and especially... Mandriva Linux! A recent article at searchopensource.com gave many details about the use of Linux at the JPL...

From the article: "When we first started looking at a Linux distro, we evaluated a number of different platforms, and the users preferred Mandrake." (...) "When Mandriva Linux was selected almost five years ago, Brack's team didn't give the OS a free ride just because it was Linux. The team aggressively pushed the automated installation features as far as they could go because it is the core philosophy of the JPL IT requirements that an OS be installed as quickly as possible while still customizing the desktops to individual users." (...) "Our personal view is that Linux, period, is only for the desktop ...".

Worth a read!