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How to help with spreading Mandriva Linux around the world?

Mandriva's purpose is to offer the best possible alternative to proprietary operating systems by releasing a full-featured and friendly operating-system for various users such as corporations and end users.

We also believe that you everyone on the earth has the right to have their operating system running in their language. As a result, we include as many languages and localization features as possible in our products.

You can help the project to become successful!

How to contribute?

This is easy! In order to help Mandriva spread over the world, you can for instance:

  • contribute directly to the project as a developer

  • help with translations in your own language

  • test and report bugs

But there are many other ways to contribute! For instance you can:

  • show Mandriva Linux to your friends and offer them a copy of Mandriva Linux on a CD

  • write about it in your blog and internet forums

  • write reviews about newly released versions of Mandriva Linux

Alway remember that the more you help Mandriva Linux to become successful, the more Mandriva Linux offers to you in return!