How to join the community of Mandriva developers and contributors?

Join as a developer: join "Cooker"

Cooker is the development plateform of Mandriva Linux. It provides all the source code, publicly available and released in real time. The purpose of Cooker is to improve the Mandriva Linux distribution by permitting a better interaction between the development team and the Mandriva Linux users, both for debugging and adding new features.

If you want to contribute to Mandriva Linux or try the very latest development code, Cooker is for you! All information is available on the developer's WiKi .

You may also want to subscribe to one or several developer's mailing-list .

Note: only English language is provided on the developer's Wiki since all community need to be able to interact in a common language.

Become a tester!

Bug hunting is one of the most important things you can contribute to Mandriva Linux. Check that your hardware is well supported under Mandriva Linux, report any issue with the desktop and all applications: this will be helpful for the whole community of Mandriva Linux users! To become a tester, try Cooker or a recent beta version and report issues to Bugzilla (only).

Join as a translator

Join as a translator! If you want to join the community of contributors, no need to be a developer! You can also help with supporting your language in Mandriva Linux and on this website. If you want to become a translator for the product, join the Cooker-i18n forces .

You can also join as a translator for this website!

Help to spread Mandriva!

Another way to contribute is to help spreading Mandriva Linux around the world...