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Mandriva and the GNU/Linux community

Mandriva was born in the community, and has always been carrying on the community philosophy.
The aim of our community philosophy, which is very important to all Mandriva members, is:

To contribute to the GNU/Linux community reinforcement

  • by constantly involving in the community movements and organizations ( FSF, Linux Standard Base, KDE League, GNOME Foundation,...)

  • by actively supporting the projects of the independant Open Source contributors, such as the local search engine Kat .

To enlarge the GNU/Linux community

  • by developing partnerships to massively spread Linux.

  • by supporting LUGs (Linux User Groups) and events organizors to promote free software.

  • by favoring the knowledge access to the majority thanks to the free software (projects against the Digital Divide).

Here are some significant examples of our loyalty to the value of the community:

  • The choice of a collaborative developement model: Cooker, for our product.

  • Licensing systematically our achievements under GPL.

  • Acquisition of a company in order to put its product ( Plex86) under GPL license to benefit the GNU/Linux community.


If you belong to a LUG and would like to contact us, please contact us - we can help you to provide Mandriva Linux CDs and material, and others.

Cover CDs

If you would like to do a Cover CD from Mandriva Linux software, it's easy! Please contact us to learn how to proceed!